Knee Rehabilitation - Online App now availableAfter any orthopaedic procedure, there is a vital need for a controlled programme of graded exercise to achieve maximum results. Too much, too early or too little too late will not allow you to get back to your best as quickly as possible.

The modules used in our "Knee Rehabilitation Online" App, if followed carefully and under guidance from your doctor or physiotherapist, will assist you to a quicker and better recovery.

Remember, before starting these modules, to consult your doctor or physiotherapist and attend regular check ups as required.

The included program and exercises have been graded according to effective rehabilitation strategies. Please go through one module at a time and each exercise in order of allocation. Once you feel comfortable and pain free with each exercise in that module, you can progress to the next module.

In order to maximise your recovery and rehabilitation process, it is recommended to purchase the full version of the application, which will guide you through a 3-4 month rehab process.

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Dr Dan BatesDr Dan Bates is a Sports and Exercise Medicine doctor specialising in osteoarthritis and interventional pain management. He also has an interest exercise and expertise in the treatment of tendinopathy and chronic back pain.

His approach to patients is to decrease their pain, increase their activity and support them to achieve their goals. This may be running a marathon, getting into the garden, kicking the footy with the kids or just being able to walk down the street.

His special interest is the non-surgical management of osteoarthritis. This interest developed as many of his patients were too unwell, or too young to have a joint replacement. As these patients have significant pain and had already had limited success with paracetamol, anti-inflammatories, weight loss and exercise. This prompted him to research other solutions, leading him to the use of platelet rich plasma and then to mesenchymal stem cells.

He has recently completed a randomised control trial in the use of platelet rich plasma for knee osteoarthritis, and will be commencing a new study into the use of Stem Cells in Osteoarthritis in 2014.

Dan's other area of interest is Exercise as Medicine. He sees Exercise as a powerful, underutilised tool and once his patients' pain improves, actively seeks to get them more active.

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